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Why You Should Consider a Smaller Space
April 16, 2019

With the high cost of living and the price of homes consistently increasing, especially in urban areas, smaller homes and rental properties are becoming increasingly popular. Learning how to maximize the space you have and finding small-living solutions can be an adjustment but small spaces should be celebrated! If you’re having trouble adjusting to your new (small) space are find yourself getting irritated, you’ll fall back in love with your new space after this post!

They force you to be organized

Sure, being focused is easier for some than others, but when you are limited on your space, even the messiest of messy people will learn how to become organized. Have you been dying to purge your closet of all of the items you no longer need or wear? Maybe you’ve been looking for a reason to get rid of miscellaneous items you have had around your home for years. Either way, think of your small space as an opportunity to de-clutter your life.

They are cheaper to decorate

A smaller space means less furniture and you know what that means? Less money you need to pay to decorate the rooms in your home! It’s easier to update your furniture and decorate a smaller space and they also force you to be creative with the space you do have.

They’re cozy

If you’ve been trying to make your home cozy for as long as you can remember but have never been able to achieve it, now is your chance! With a smaller space, the right amount of blankets, pillows, and candles will instantly make your space feel cozy!

It takes less time to clean

No one wants to spend hours after work cleaning their home and after a long day, you should be spending your time relaxing. Thankfully, by downsizing you are already cutting your cleaning time in half.


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