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Why the Commons at Olentangy is Great for Students
October 29, 2018

Situated between The Ohio State University and The Ohio State University Airport, getting to and from campus is convenient, especially when friends from out of town are visiting.

Always Close to Campus

Making the decision to move off campus and into your own apartment can seem overwhelming at first, but with the close proximity of The Commons at Olentangy to The Ohio State University, you can be on campus in under ten minutes. That means you won’t have to worry about missing out on campus events or classes.

You Feel More at Home

Even though The Commons at Olentangy is a quick drive away from the university, it’s separated enough that makes your apartment feel more like home versus living in an on-campus dorm room. You’re able to decorate it how you want without having to worry about hazards the school has put in place as well as enjoying the amenities that the complex offers.

Activities for Visitors

Utilizing the same on-campus amenities day after day can get boring, but thankfully The Commons at Olentangy switches things up a bit. basketball and tennis courts can be used as just that or can be transformed into a dance floor or HIIT workout space.