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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment
March 28, 2019

Spring cleaning is a task that everyone dreads but secretly loves. A clean, fresh space means heavy materials are put away, items you no longer use or want can be donated, and you have more space for all of those spring colored items you’ve been lusting over. Although a long process, you’ll be glad you did it once it’s complete.

Instead of being overwhelmed with the spring cleaning process this year, our team is here to help you!

Friday Night: Make a Plan

Before you start any sort of cleaning or organizing you want to make a plan. This will include what rooms you’re doing when, how you’re going to organize the items you’re keeping, donating, and throwing away as well as a list of tasks that need to be completed to ensure your space is clean.

Have a Plan – How much do you want to tackle? Are there certain rooms you need to spend more time on? Will anyone be helping you?

Make a List – Write down all of the tasks you plan on tackling over the weekend. If you plan on cleaning all weekend, break down each task by day to make it seem less overwhelming. Also list out any supplies you are going to need.

Set a Timer – Give yourself a specific amount of time to clean each section of your apartment and set a timer to keep you on task.

Saturday: Declutter and Clean Room-By-Room

You will always want to start off by decluttering which will get all of those unnecessary items out of the way. Chances are you won’t be keeping them or they will be put in storage so don’t waste your time cleaning them. Once you’ve decluttered your space, move on to cleaning.

Start with Your Closets – Get rid of anything in your closet (shoes, clothing, bags, accessories) that you haven’t worn for a full season.

Organize Your Office Space – File or shred any paper work you have lying around (i.e. your taxes) and make sure you have digital copies of all of your paperwork. Use this time to also spring clean your technology – getting rid of any unnecessary programs, files, photos, etc.

Streamline the Kitchen – Get rid of any glasses that don’t match, random mugs and water bottles, pots and pans that don’t match, and appliances you never use (i.e. salad spinner, an old toaster, etc.)

To Do List:

  • > Swap out clothing and donate unwanted items
  • > Organize your paperwork and doing a spring clean of your tech
    > Clean out your fridge, cabinets & pantry

Start by Clearing Out Each Room – Moving furniture and belongings out of each room will allow you to clean the areas of the room people often forget to clean, like under the sofa!

Dust All Surfaces – Small but mighty, dust easily moves throughout the house so you mine as well clean it now!

Utilize Reusable Cloths – Spring cleaning your entire apartment is going to take at least five rolls of paper towels, which is bad for the environment. Instead, opt for reusable microfiber clothes. When they get dirty, throw them in the wash and they’ll be good as new in no time!

Clean Appliances – When was the last time you cleaned the inside or outside of your appliances? It’s probably been awhile and now is the perfect time to do it.

To Do List:

  • > Dust and polish all surfaces
  • > Vacuum and mop floors
    > Clean appliances inside and out

Sunday: Clean Forgotten Spaces & Bring Back Life

After a full day of cleaning, Sunday will be your day to clean any of those forgotten spots such as the windows, vents, and the bathroom. Once you’ve completed this, it’s time to bring life back into your space.

  • > Swap out bedding
  • > Add a few new plants into your space
  • > Light a new candle
  • > Update the pillows on your couch

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