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Superfoods to Add to Your Diet in 2019
February 20, 2019

Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to eat healthier in 2019? By incorporating new ingredients into your recipes, you will be able to put a creative twist on old recipes, improve the sides you serve at dinner, and get the vitamins your body deserves. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help!

Here are 5 superfoods to add to your diet this year:

Brussel Sprouts – Filled with Vitamins A, B, and C as well as a high level of B6 and Folate, Brussel sprouts help promote gut health, increase tissue repair, and even help improve the health of your heart! With several ways to cook them, it’s easy to incorporate them into your diet as a main course, appetizer, or snack.

Tahini – The flavor behind hummus, Tahini is made from ground sesame seeds and contains more protein than most milk and nuts. With high levels of Vitamin B and E, tahini helps boost energy and brain function and will help protect against heart health and stroke.

Salmon – One of our favorite foods, salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which helps decrease inflammation and slows the process of plaque build-up. Not sure how to cook your salmon? Fire up the grill and cook it with olive oil, red pepper flakes, and lemon!

Spinach – Spinach is high in iron and helps feed your muscles oxygen, making it the ideal ingredient for those post-workout smoothies!

Quinoa – Quinoa is taking the world by storm and there’s no question why! Not only is it delicious but it is high in protein and amino acids, which will help fill you up and help decrease your food in take.


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