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Pool Games to Play with Your Family This Summer
June 5, 2019

With the warm summer temperatures in full effect, spending as much time as possible in the pool is a must! If you have enthusiastic little swimmers in your family, playing pool games is a great way to avoid sitting and watching your kids play all day from the pool deck. If you’re having a hard time coming up with games other than Marco Polo, we’re here to help with some fun games that will ensure a fun summer at the pool!


Keep-away is one of our favorite games! All you need is a ball to get wet and lots of energy. Start by designating who’s “it” and having them start in the middle while the remaining members of the game start tossing the ball. The point is to keep the ball away from the person that’s “it” for as long as possible. Once the person that is “it” gets the ball, the last person to touch is becomes “it.”

Underwater Races

Underwater races are a great way to teach and enhance breath control. Have everyone line up at one end of the pool and when race the length of the pool, under water with one breath. Whoever gets the furthest, fastest, wins!

Dive for Treasure

Diving for treasure is a fun, easy game and is even better if the parents want to relax for a few minutes. Take a few coins (or sinkable pool toys) and toss them in the water and call it treasure. Have the kids dive into the pool and collect as much as possible. Whoever has the most at the end, wins! If you want to keep the game going, collect the treasure at the end of each dive.

Diving Contest

Diving contests are a great way to get everyone involved! Have a everyone line up and do their best dive or jump into the pool and have a neutral party on the pool deck judge the show. Make the competition even greater by assigning biggest splash, longest jump, most graceful, etc.


Take a clear plastic water bottle, fill it with water, and toss it in the pool while everyone has their backs turned. Once the bottle has sank, have them dive into the pool and locate the bottle. It might seem easy, but it’s more difficult than you would think! Whoever finds the bottle first, wins.


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