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How to Transition Your Space for a New Season
May 28, 2019

Summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate than by updating your space? It’s time to put away those heavy blankets and dark colors and bring out new, fresh colors, light-weight blankets, and flowers.

Clean and Declutter

Before you start swapping out your bedding and decorative accents, start by cleaning and decluttering your space. Go through your drawers and cabinets, organize all of your electronics cords and utilize those baskets you’ve been throwing junk in for months. Place hooks on the walls to keep coats organized and utilize storage bins for all of your out-of-season pieces.

Add Colorful Art

Switch out all of your holiday-related wall decor with colorful art. If you’re someone who gets sick of things easily, there are several online retailers that offer art at extremely low prices. Think bright colors, beach scenes, and pastels.

Incorporate Pastel Accents

If your home has a neutral palette, add some pastel accents to your space! Switch out candles, coffee table books, and even add a new pillow or two into the mix.

Lighter Fabrics and Textures

Say goodbye to wool and say hello to light cotton’s and linen! These fabrics will keep you cool all summer long and will add an easy, breezy texture to your space.

New Candle Scents

We’ve all left a holiday candle out for way to long. This is your time to fix that! Grab a couple candles during your next errand run. Think floral, citrus, or light-airy scents.


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