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23F seeking roommate!

  • About the place: 2BR, 1.5 bath that's $510/mo + utilities (generally comes out to about $100). Free Wi-Fi! Washer and dryer in basement!  Comes with judgemental cat!
  • About me: 23F preschool teacher. I usually have the bf over every other weekend (and then I'm gone two weekends of the month) or my besties for 90 Day Fiancee+ wine night (over by 11) once a week.  I like cooking, video games, hiking, geocaching, exploring new places.
  • About you: You pay the bills on time and have stable income. Preferably not super messy (not like "do the dishes immediately!!" but more like "pls don't leave dishes in the sink for 5 days" kind of clean). No preference on gender/age/race/sexuality/religion/music taste, but if you wanna talk trash about Carol Baskins on Tiger King that's a bonus.
  • About the cat: She loves Cheezits, head scritches and will leave you alone if you're not interested. She likes other cats, and with proper introduction she's cool with dogs too. She will try to take your Cheezits, though. She really loves Cheezits.
  • Message me at for with any questions or if you wanna stop by!
I will always let you and your words become part of my day because you never know how much you make my day happier and more complete. There are even times when I feel so down but I will feel better Ferrari Red And Black Leather Jacket right after checking your blogs. You have made me feel so good about myself all the time and please know that I do appreciate everything that you have