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6 Things You Need to Style Your Entryway
April 25, 2019

You’ve been dreaming of having a Pinterest-worthy entry way for years and now that you’re finally settled in your apartment, making that dream a reality is now possible. As the first area of your home your guests see, having it functional and pretty are the top two priorities. Even though all entryways are different shapes and sizes, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the space you do have! Get creative and add personality and the rest will just come together.

Functional Items to Add to Your Entryway

A Surface

Having some sort of surface (side table, console table, etc.) in your entry way to store tidbits, put the mail on, and give the entry way some personality is ideal. Always go simple so you can pull other colors, patterns, and textures into the space without it being overwhelming. Try to stick to white or a neutral wood color.


Depending on what type of surface you opted for, you might have already checked storage off of your list! But if you didn’t, having some sort of baskets next to or under your surface will give you space to store items such as out of season gloves and scarves, umbrellas, and the like.

A Rug

Is your entry way flooring hardwood or tile? Adding a rug into the mix gives the space a warm, cozy, welcoming feel. When selecting a rug, opt for a darker color as it will hide dirt and sand much better.


This one might seem obvious, and that’s okay! Having a lamp on your surface or a floor lamp next to it in addition to whatever ceiling option your apartment is fitted with, will give you an aesthetically pleasing space.

A Mirror

Have weird wall space in your entry way? Utilize a large, round mirror! Not only do they give the space a little decor and take up a lot of that awkward space, but it also allows you to have one more look at yourself in the mirror when you go out with friends or on a date!

Decorative Pieces

From picture frames and candles to welcome mats, adding small decorative touches into the space will make it feel cozy and lived in.


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