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3 Ways to Meet New People at The Commons at Olentangy
November 15, 2018

Moving to a new place and meeting new people can be overwhelming but once you start feeling comfortable in your new space, you’ll feel more at home! Looking for new ways to meet people? Here are our favorite ways to meet new people at The Commons at Olentangy.

At the Playground

Have children and want to get them outside, while still socializing with individuals your own age? Head down to the playground! Your children will get some time to meet the other children in the community and you’ll be able to form relationships with the parents. Before long, you’ll be attending play dates and have a group of friends to relax with after a long week.

At the Dog Park

Pet lovers, rejoice! Not only is The Commons at Olentangy pet friendly, but there’s also an on-site dog park, perfect for socializing with new human friends. And you know what they say – dogs are an easy way to start a conversation with a stranger!

At the Pool

Just about everyone loves a pool and for those who don’t swim, the pool is still a great place to socialize with your neighbors. Bring a book down after work or on the weekends to relax, soak up the sun, or pull a chair up next to someone you’ve never talked to before and start a conversation!